My thoughts on what I do


I was never really interested in an alternative to fashion photography until I shot my first wedding.

It was then that I discovered that weddings have it all… the personalities, the stunning venues & locations, the clothing, the hair and make up….the drama (there’s a bit of that). It’s all there, but unlike fashion, it’s all happening without the aid of a storyboard.

Not knowing what’s going to happen and what kind of story will unfold is what excites me when I capture weddings.

I’ve now shot portraits and weddings throughout England and Wales, Italy, France, Corsica, Cyprus, Japan, New York, & Iceland.

Capturing beautiful portraits and wedding stories, meeting amazing people and traveling to stunning locations. This is why I love my job.



2017 and beyond


I’ve recently emigrated to the Gold Coast of Australia and will continue doing what I love but with more emphasis on family, newborn, engagements/couples and individual portraiture. Working with natural light and beautiful outdoor locations, my goal is establish myself as a leading portrait photographer in Australia.



What you can expect


A professional service managed with integrity & honesty.

An atmosphere where you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable with myself and the photographic process.

Natural, emotional and sincere photographs that capture the true essence and beauty of yourself and your loved ones.

My commitment to continually evolving my creativity and approach to the way I capture portraiture and weddings.

My passion for using natural light and outdoor locations with a strong focus on highlighting the simplicity and minimal design within nature and architecture.



Me in Iceland. One of my favorite places on earth.