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happy new year 2014

love & Light 2014

2013 review of the year

2013 review of the year


Thank you so much to all my clients who I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year. Without you I couldn’t continue to get paid for doing this job I  love to do. Creating beautiful images, travelling to amazing countries and meeting cool people from all over the planet.  It truely is a blessing.


This year has been great for weddings abroad which has meant lots of travel and plenty of new locations to explore and shoot. I’ve been lucky to have shot weddings in Corsica, New York, Montpellier, Paris, Japan, Cyprus, Sorrento and of course many in  London & the surrounding counties.


2013 was particularly special due to the birth of our beautiful daughter Alaya Lux Phoenix on the 30th March. It’s hard to overlook the amount of new born and family shoots I now seem to booking since she arrived…coincidence..? Here she is and one with her mum.

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I have exciting plans for 2014 which I will share with you as they evolve but for now I wish you all a blessed and abundant 2014!


Here are some of the my best wedding bits from 2013…Enjoy!


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Paris & London street photographs

Paris & London street photographs – I wanna live in a monochrome world

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