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Wedding photography at the The Reid Rooms essex

The Reid Rooms essex

Tony & Simone’s beautiful wedding at The Reid Rooms in Essex

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paphos cyprus wedding photography

Last year I decided I wanted to shoot more destination weddings. I had already shot a few in Italy and I’d had a great time so I set about the task of securing as many as I could. It paid off. This year I’ve shot weddings in Montpellier, Sorrento, New York, Takamatsu City (Japan), Corsica and Cyprus. The countries currently on my wish list of places I would LOVE to shoot weddings are Iceland, Finland, Ibiza, Croatia and Switzerland.

Obviously there’s the different cultural elements, stunning scenery , sunshine, beaches….the list goes on…but it’s also the intimacy and the feeling that you’re part of something unique. I get this at all weddings but with destinations the feeling seems to be heightened. Guests have usually travelled from different parts of the world so the excitement and anticipation is always mixed with a little bit of that  holiday magic. Especially if it’s somewhere sunny and near the beach.

Tony & Jo’s wedding had all this and more. An intimate little wedding with a handful of guests just a stones throw from the beach….on a beautiful sunny day.



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Wedding testimonials london destination wedding photography

Lisa & Jeannie’s engagement shoot in Paris and wedding in New York City were such a joy to shoot so getting this testimonial is like the icing on the cake!


– We feel so lucky to have found Hayden to take both our Paris engagement and NYC wedding photos!   Hayden is an incredibly talented photographer, and this was something very important to us in our search for our wedding photographer. Look at his portfolio: these are no ordinary wedding photos. These are photos that tell a narrative, show the excitement of the day, the love between the couple, and the emotions of every single person he captures. This is what convinced us that Hayden was our guy for our wedding day.


And, the photos! Wow! He took the most gorgeous photos, exploding with color, perfectly urban and edgy (which was exactly what we wanted to capture for our NYC wedding). The composition of his photos was exciting and energetic. He really captured our relationship and our wedding day in the most amazing way. Every single image tells a story and is simply gorgeous to look at. We look at the photos over and over and still discover new favorites. Incredible work. We couldn’t be more thrilled.


Let’s also take a moment to talk about what a lovely guy Hayden is. On top of his out-of-this-world talent, he’s so warm and friendly and put us at ease right from the start!  Hayden really allowed us to just be ourselves throughout both our engagement and wedding days, and this really comes through in our photographs.



We have received so many compliments on how unique and beautiful both our engagement and wedding photos turned out – it’s all a testament to Hayden’s skill and ability to capture the spirit of the day, as well as his relaxed attitude and cool demeanor.  We simply can’t gush enough – thank you Hayden!

Lisa & Jeannie


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