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Lisa & Jeannie’s wedding in New York City
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Three portraits from kevin & Kitty’s engagement shoot in London.

Three portraits from Kevin & Kitty’s engagement shoot in London.3k1k2k

new york city street photography

Destination weddings are an absolute privilege to shoot. They allow me to experience different cultures, locations, lighting conditions, wedding rituals and fun…lots of fun. Having never been to America, I jumped at the chance to shoot Lisa & Jeannie’s wedding in New York city. I had shot their engagement photos in Paris, so continuing their story in New York was fantastic. And what a wedding it was! One of the other advantages of destination weddings are the days off. This is the time where I get up early, drink loads of coffee and devour my surroundings, shooting and experiencing all that can….Job satisfaction?.. YES!

Here’s a selection of pics from my days off in NYC.

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