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Wedding in cwmcarvan wales.


It’s been months since I’ve had the chance to post a wedding blog with more than just a few sample images. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just been a very busy year.


I’ll take this opportunity now to thank all my clients this year who have allowed me to shoot and be a part of their wedding day. Once again I’ve had the chance to spend the year shooting a wide range of weddings in some amazing locations from Wales to Brighton to Italy and many places in between. I’m especially excited about some of the weddings I have booked next year. Along with the  bookings here in the UK I have weddings in Montpellier, Corsica, Sorrento and Osaka. I REALLY want to shoot a wedding in Iceland next year so If you know anyone…..


Now that I have more time on my hands I will try and post bigger blogs from some of this years weddings and a few to come next month. I’m shooting a Sikh/English wedding in Verona at the end of October so look out for that one.


I’ll begin now with this beautiful wedding I shot in a small town in Wales called Cwmcarvan.


This is John and Amanda’s wedding story. Enjoy!



Steve & Mel

Portrait from Steve & Mel’s wedding at Braxted Park Estate, Wiltham, Essex.


Images from London Fashion Week shot for Fashion