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Dil & Kirsty

Dil & Kirstie’s wedding in Verona, Italy.


The day started with a peaceful walk along the Adige river that winds it’s way through the stunning cobbled streets of Verona. It was a beautiful sunrise that morning. As I stepped into Kirstie’s hotel room and viewed the vast array of ornate jewellery and colourful clothing scattered around the room, I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding.


Glenn & Ingrid

Samples from Glenn & Ingrid’s wedding in San Felice Circeo, Italy .

Trent & Felicity

Trent & Felicity’s wedding in Positano, Italy.


Five venues, spectacular scenery, delicious food and an amazing bunch of people. Trent and Felicity could not have planned this wedding any better.


Apparently Trent’s friends call him the general and it’s easy to see to why. I’ve never shot a wedding where the groom has been so (effortlessly) hands on making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day. From checking the food was out and in the correct place to the clockwork precision of making our way to each of the venues. It’s a hard act to follow for most brides let alone grooms.


The locals had told me the weather had been rubbish for weeks leading up to the wedding but on this day the sun blazed through….just as the general had ordered!